Monday, May 22, 2017

Omnisense Art Portfolio - Graphic Design & Photography

Omnisense Photography and Graphic Design Portfolio

Egyptian Goddesses Isis and Maat

(Enhanced photograph of using a lighter to represent dark & light balance in the universe)

(My first rendition of representing yin yang in the golden luster of my Egyptian goddess papyrus)

(Photo enhancing of my original Egyptian goddess dark-light balance photograph)
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Maat or Ma'at[1] was the ancient Egyptian goddess of;
Truth, Balance, Order, Harmony, Law, Morality, and Justice

(Listen to my Song Maat's Fury)

Oregon Coast
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(Gleneden Beach, Oregon. August 16th, 2017)

(Highway 101: Depoe Bay, Oregon)
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(Newport, Oregon. August 16th, 2017)

Silver Falls State Park, Oregon
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Oregon Woods / Nature Parks
(Photograph in the proximity of Corvallis, Oregon)

Savannah, Georgia
(Historic Savannah, Georgia; with my mother in the distance)
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Misc Photography

Miscellaneous Photography Ran Through Filters
(Photograph of an Egyptian Pharaoh statue in my living room ran through the Artificial Intelligence filter Prisma Ai)

(Photograph of a campus greenhouse lit up at night with lighting representing Yin Yang)
[Filtered through the Artificial Intelligence photography app Prisma Ai]

(Photograph of a college campus greenhouse with different lighting, run through the Ai filter Prisma)

(Amber lighting photograph of a campus greenhouse, ran through the filter Prisma Ai)

(My Nephew at an old American Civil War battle location; Fort Pulaski, Georgia)
[Photograph ran through the artificial intelligence filter Prisma for paint effect]

(Omnisense Command Center)

Part of the Family
(Ellie: Part of the Family)

(Part of the Family: Nimbus Battlecloud, Russian Blue)

(Beauty sleep on the speaker)

(Find the Cat)

Photography Light Tricks
(A non-enhanced pure photograph of lights in a dark room while twirling a cell phone in the air while taking a picture)

(Time lapse light text & photo by a Spanish videographer, enhanced/colorized by Omnisense in post production)

Omnisense Collaborations w/ Other Artists
(Image: A derivation of the original painting: “Saint Wolfgang and the Devil,” Altarpiece of the Church of Fathers, Munich, c.1483)
[illustrated by Jon Kimpoy [Artist Hired by Omnisense] - photo colorized & enhanced by Omnisense]

(Illustration Originally Done by Brianna Craig [Artist Hired by Omnisense] - designed/colorized/enhanced by Omnisense)

(Illustration Originally Done by Brianna Craig - Designed by Omnisense)

Photography: Interesting Places
(A Teppanyaki Restaurant with Ninja Chefs)

(Mountainscape - Washington, Pacific Northwest USA)

(The U.S. War Machine: Bremerton, Washington - USS John C Stennis)

(Photograph of CU vs. UofO: Eugene, Oregon - Ran through the wonderful photo enhancing filter: Prisma Ai)

(Stadium Immersion - Autzen Stadium: University of Oregon)

(Sun Ring + what looks like a Chemtrail)

(Solar Eclipse - August 21st, 2017)


Graphic Design: Assorted Projects
(A derivative image I made representing sonic or electromagnetic waves)

Graphic Design: Website Banners

Music Album Art

(An upcoming dark synth electronic music album, by Omnisense)

(Light trick photography with a cell phone recolored & ran through photoshop filters)

If you like the Ai enhanced photographs you see, you can download
the Prisma app for free and try it yourself for iPhone / iPad:
Prisma Website | iTunes

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