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Omnisense Art Portfolio - Graphic Design & Photography

Omnisense Photography and Graphic Design Portfolio

Egyptian Goddess Maat
Maat or Ma'at[1] was the ancient Egyptian goddess of;
Truth, Balance, Order, Harmony, Law, Morality, and Justice

(Enhanced photograph of Maat using a lighter to represent dark & light balance in the universe)

(My first rendition of representing yin yang in the golden luster of my Maat papyrus)

(Photo enhancing of my original Maat goddess dark-light balance photograph)
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(Listen to my Song Maat's Fury)

Oregon Coast
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(Gleneden Beach, Oregon. August 16th, 2017)

(Photograph of the Oregon Coast fusing two artificial intelligence filtered images)

(Highway 101: Newport, Oregon)

(Newport, Oregon. August 16th, 2017)

Silver Falls State Park, Oregon
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Oregon Woods / Nature Parks
(Photograph in the proximity of Corvallis, Oregon)

Savannah, Georgia
(Historic Savannah, Georgia; with my mother in the distance)
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Miscellaneous Photography Ran Through Filters
(Photograph of an Egyptian Pharaoh statue in my living room ran through the Artificial Intelligence filter Prisma Ai)

(Photograph of a campus greenhouse lit up at night with lighting representing Yin Yang)
[Filtered through the Artificial Intelligence photography app Prisma Ai]

(Photograph of a college campus greenhouse with different lighting, run through the Ai filter Prisma)

(My Nephew at an old American Civil War battle location; Fort Pulaski, Georgia)
[Photograph ran through the artificial intelligence filter Prisma for paint effect]

(Omnisense Command Center)

Ellie: Part of the Family

Photography Light Tricks
(A non-enhanced pure photograph of lights in a dark room while twirling a cell phone in the air while taking a picture)

(Time lapse light text & photo by a Spanish videographer, enhanced/colorized by Omnisense in post production)

Omnisense Collaborations w/ Other Artists
(Image: A derivation of the original painting: “Saint Wolfgang and the Devil,” Altarpiece of the Church of Fathers, Munich, c.1483)
[illustrated by Jon Kimpoy]

(Illustration Originally Done by Brianna Craig - Designed by Omnisense)

(Illustration Originally Done by Brianna Craig - Designed by Omnisense)

Photography: Interesting Places
(A Teppanyaki Restaurant with Ninja Chefs)

(Mountainscape - Washington, Pacific Northwest USA)

(The U.S. War Machine: Bremerton, Washington - USS John C Stennis)

(Photograph of CU vs. UofO: Eugene, Oregon - Ran through the wonderful photo enhancing filter: Prisma Ai)

(Stadium Immersion - Autzen Stadium: University of Oregon)

(Sun Ring + what looks like a Chemtrail)

(Solar Eclipse - August 21st, 2017)


Graphic Design: Assorted Projects
(A derivative image I made representing sonic or electromagnetic waves)

Graphic Design: Website Banners

Music Album Art

(An upcoming dark synth electronic music album, by Omnisense)

(A dark synth EP: Ai Rabbit Hole)

(Light trick photography with a cell phone recolored & ran through photoshop filters)

(My first music album, Melodica. Released 2010)

If you like the Ai enhanced photographs you see, you can download
the Prisma app for free and try it yourself for iPhone / iPad:
Prisma Website | iTunes

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